Revoltech Metal Gear Cyborg Ninja Model Leg Joint Problem!


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Hey, all,

So I just bought and received a Revoltech Metal Gear Cyborg Ninja model, and wouldn't you know it - the left leg popped off.

It isn't broken, and I can see where to pop it back in, but after many attempts, I decided the best place to go would be here to call upon the deep and extensive experience on these forums!

I've attached some pics to show what I'm dealing with. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

I've been trying to pop it back in without breaking it (about 70% force).

Any and all info would be appreciated! Thanks, everyone!

-Jon IMG_0714.JPG IMG_0715.JPG


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I wouldn't have any advice except contacting the seller and notifying them of their party-foul. I'm a big fan of the MGS franchise and Grey Fox is hands-down my favorite character. I've made a few of his helmets before but I wanna make the full suit. Anyways, best of luck with that leg homie!
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