Review: TFA Han Solo Leather Jacket by Musterbrand

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    I recently bought, and then returned, the TFA Han Solo inspired leather jacket by Musterbrand. I left a review on their site which they seem to have chosen not to publish, so I thought I'd leave it here for folks to see. I know Musterbrand is not a company from which SA clothing items are expected. This was my first purchase from Musterbrand (though I had seen their product in person before) and what I did expect was a high quality garment. While it (expectedly) fell short in some areas in terms of Screen Accuracy, ultimately, I felt the quality did not equal the $399 USD price tag, so I returned it.

    Here is the review I left:

    I bought the Smuggler Leather Jacket during the Black Friday sale, which knocked 20% off the price—and unfortunately, even with the discount, I decided the jacket was not worth keeping. It was a really tough decision as there was much about the jacket I liked. It fit me well, and overall looked good. But I was concerned about the quality of the leather—it felt thin and that it might rip/tear at the slightest snag. Of course I could be wrong about that but it simply did not feel durable. The other issue was the use of velcro instead of magnetic (or other) closure. For a "premium" jacket, the velcro felt out of place and made the jacket look cheap, not to mention the velcro didn't keep closed well (which ultimately doesn't matter much as the jacket has a zipper). But visible velcro squares just didn't look right—and even the much poorer quality versions that can be found online use the accurate magnetic closure.

    Musterbrand probably could have made a faux leather version for half the price and, in the end, it likely would have been indistinguishable from this version in terms of quality and durability (and could have spent the extra $ to not use velcro).

    But the truth is that this is the best version of this jacket you are likely to find at this price point (to get better you need to spend nearly twice as much). The problem is that it's still a fairly expensive item and its shortcomings made it not worth it for me. You may decide differently.

    I didn't take any pictures but am happy to try to answer any questions.

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