Reverse Flash Costume


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Hey guys,

I'd like to share my Reverse Flash costume that I wore to Lexington Comic Con this past weekend. It's not really accurate but I'm quite pleased as to what I had to work with.
The main suit is a generic yellow leather jacket of which I painted parts to be black. The cowl is also a generic one I found off eBay (reminds me of a Captain America styled one) but it did not have a bottom chin portion.

I basically took the chin part of a Nite Owl mask, painted it yellow and glued it on to the main mask.

You can check it out over here:



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Nah, I didn't make the ear pieces. They were from one of the cosplay flash costumes on ebay. I used it as parts since the rest of that costume wasn't that great.

Here's a pic of me with a Felicity cosplayer at Lexington:



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how did you paint your jacket? im doing the same thing with teh same parts you used for the cowl but im doing the fade and foam armor onto the jacket. looking for tips on painting my coat. hoping i can do a bulk wiht spray paint or plastidip and then airbrush for final touch ups.
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