Republic Commandos

Baron Fel

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We just got the master helmet finished and and wanted to see what you all think. It is ready to be molded.... :love

The rest of the armor will follow soon.



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Very interesting... do you think you might eventually start selling it? :confused

Looks awesome.


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Nice craftsmanship. What did you make it out of or did I miss that thread?

Any build up photos that you could post?


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Wow Barron.
You did a very clean job on the master. I really admire the workmanship. Good job. Thanks for posing. Be sure to post more shots.

Baron Fel

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Thanks everyone but I canÂ’t take the credit for this well-done helmet. This is a project between a few friends. The real credit goes to Eric. I'm just the painter. He did an outstanding job. The Helmet master is just plastic and Bondo and a lot of TLC. If you want any more info on this just shoot me an e-mail and IÂ’ll be glad to help. Keep an eye on this post and IÂ’ll post some armor pic as soon as I can.


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Looking GREAT.

I have one of the dfrx helmets, which are nice, but pretty inaccurate and might consider to upgrade ;)

Do you have any WIP pics of the helmet?
How did you manage to do the dome section?
I´m struggling with a custom helmet project myself and while the faceplate shouldn´t be a problem to be built out of plastic etc., the dome gives me headaches :unsure

Please make sure to post pics of creating the mold as well, since I´m collecting as much info as possible for my own project :D

Now get back to work...... :lol



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the overall shape is VERY good, but one thing ive seen in pics that never makes it to the physical bucket is the grit teeth look from the game pics, not just a flat upside down V, it looks more angry look at fetsters avatar, anyone have a good pic of what im talking about?

the only reason i bring it up is that its one of the coolest parts to this buckets shape IMHO, and is ALWAYS overlooked.

i hope you even understand what im getting at, either way great sculpt.