Removing a metal disc inside a revolver cylinder.


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Hello guys.

I would like to know if someone can help me or educate me on how to remove the small piece of "metal" (to show it's a fake gun) which is cast (I guess !!!) inside the cylinder, like the cylinder of the Blade Runner Tomenosuke gun or on the Japanese Model Gun shown on my pic.....

Maybe with a drill ? But I'm afraid this is serious and hard metal.....

Thank you very much for your help guys.


The plate was put in to satisfy requirements for the sale of replica firearms. In some earlier models you could completely disassemble the cylinders and grind off the plate. Too many replicas were used for non-legal purposes so it was made far more difficult to get to the plate. Depending on which replica you have, it may be easier to use the Dremel as Aton suggested. If you have the Dremel drill press and a way to securely hold the cylinder you could try grinding it out and avoid the damage of free handing the Dremel inside each chamber. A lot will depend on how deep the plate has been set. Which replica do you have? Remember the metal is not steel but pig metal and is easily broken so go slow when you are grinding, you don't want to damage the cylinder.

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