Red Hood Build Version 2 (Noob Build) Update 11/3


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Hello all,

I loved the DC comics Under the Red Hood film so decided to put a costume together for Halloween/Cons.

First of thanks to blackkaos who provided me with the pep file for his Red Hood version 2.

Also thanks to Allfate and Mcoatsey for inspiration, references, and advice for my build.

I almost forgot, thanks to Stealth for all his very informative and noob friendly tutorials. Without those I would be totally lost.

And of course thanks to the RPF forums for all the fantastic info.

Ok so this is my first build, first time using pepakura, and first time using resin/fiberglass. I am hoping everthing will come out great but this going to be a great learning experience at the very least.

So far I have assembled the pep for the helmet (ready to be resined), started working on the knife and sheath. Got a candidate for the belt. Oh yea and the jacket (need to add buckles for the bottom).

As stated before I am using blackkaos pep file and it is fantastic to say the least. I did have to resize it though cuz i increased the scale thinking my head would be too big but it turned out to be the opposite. Helm to big lol. So kept the stock size and it works for me at 6'2 245lbs. Blackkaos is at 5'7 so I believe he told me he scaled down to 278mm.

For the knife I got the idea from mcoatsey to use the halo reach combat knife blue print over at the 405th, however instead of wood I used a pep file by travisgmyers (also at the 405th) and modded to look similar to the Red Hood's knife in the movie.

Well here's what i got so far and will update with my progress.

Thanks for looking.

Where to find files.

Red hood -
Knife -!-Halo-Reach-Knife


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Re: Red Hood Build Version 2

Thanks for the kind words and blackkaos your welcome.

So I got the resining for the helm done today and will start fiberglassing the inside tomorrow. Also did the knife. I have to wait a little longer between steps because I am using a epoxy resin which takes longer to cure than polyester. I used epoxy cuz I live in an apartment and I think the neighbors/manager wouldn't be too happy with the fumes. The epoxy is hardening quite nice though.

Here's some pics. I like the profile of this version so much :)


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Re: Red Hood Build Version 2

Worked a little more on the belt/thigh sheath. Still need to add the metal buckles, some studs, and the clip that holds the knife's handle to the sheath.

Some shots.


Re: Red Hood Build Version 2

So I got around to fiberglassing the inside of the helmet. Before I started it was a little intimidating since I have never used it before. But as I began it wasn't too bad. Messy, but not difficult. Now just need to let it cure then I'm on my way to body filler! :)



I did have two question though, when the fiberglass/resin cures do I go in and sand the whole inside of the mask or just the needle like fibers that will be left after it hardens?

And do I do a light sand on the outside before body filler?
Great start, I really like both versions of this helm... I don't sand before the filler, but it might make your life a bit easier ;). I actually bulked up my v1 BlackKaos build. I'll be watching to see how it turns out... Good luck.
Re: Red Hood Build Version 2

Hey where you found the hood .. pdo network where I can download that page thank you very much greetings await your answer?
Re: Red Hood Build Version 2

Liking the the thread dude, cheers for the mention. Looking good, you have made a great start. Liking the version2, keep up the good work
Re: Red Hood Build Version 2

Liking the the thread dude, cheers for the mention. Looking good, you have made a great start. Liking the version2, keep up the good work
No problem, besides I picked up some tips from your build.

Well I planned on starting body filler today, but that did not happen. However, I dremeled off all the excess fiberglass and cut out the eyes. I also decided to sand the piece to smooth out rough edges and high points. I did all the sanding by hand but after today I am investing in a mouse sander, my hands and arms will thank me lol.

Here are some pics of the prep before body filler (hopefully tomorrow).







Re: Red Hood Build Version 2 (Noob Build)

Looking very good, I am going to get this version at the end of the week, I like the ridge in the brow and the point where the nose is like the statue sculpt. Keep up the good work, and the mouse sander does save time and your arms.
Re: Red Hood Build Version 2 (Noob Build)

OK so got to using body filler today. This was my first time ever using body filler. I am happy to say I got the whole mixing thing down, but spreading it evenly was a big challenge for me. Just couldn't get as smooth as I wanted it to be (to reduce sanding). So I did what I could and left it at that. Was going to sand but it got dark quicker than I thought so I am going to have to wait til tomorrow.

But anywho here are some pics.





Would love to here tips or constructive criticism. This is turning out to be pretty fun :)
Re: Red Hood Build Version 2 (Noob Build)

The only thing I have constructive to say is that when you put on the body filler be sure to spread it on really good and not glob it on because you will get air bubbles through out the mask and when you sand it you will have little pot holes. Other then that for your first pep build and using bondo and fiberglass for the first time I would say that you are doing an excellent job. can't wait to see it after you sand it down. Keep us posted.
Re: Red Hood Build Version 2 (Noob Build)

Thanks for the info blackkaos. I haven't been working on it lately as I have been all over the HP touchpad craze lol. Well I finally got one so work will resume today haha.
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