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    anyone here know where i can find a resource for a real british sterling , i want to convert one into a E 11 blaster. any help would be great ,
  2. voice in the crowd

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    Are you in the UK or US? I have one in the UK but because of shipping weapons etc not sure if I can help you. Give me a PM if you want.

    Cheers Chris.
  3. division 6

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    They found crates of them in Iraq.
    Along with gold plated AK 47's. :p

  4. TK-2067

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    thanks i will be on the next plane :lol
  5. Jimbo890

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    IMA-USA use to have dummy guns for sale, and so did Cheaper than Dirt. Or was it The Sportsman's Guide? One of those two. These needed to be cleaned up, and are dang heavy due to the solid receiver, but can be made to make a decent E-11. The ones in the UK are deactivated differently and therefore can not be imported to the US. Bummer too. BATF requires the tube to be chopped into scrap destroying the gun, so a new tube has to be fashioned, but with a different inside diameter. Oh, and you can't use any of the bolt parts, and the barrel has to be welded and plugged. Otherwise they consider it an unregistered machine gun. Deep doo doo.

    BTW, the Sterling, according to everything I have read are considered the best of it's type of sub machine gun ever made. Beating out all others, including the Uzi in corrosion test, etc. Pity most of the British Commonwealth nations are phasing them out.
  6. motman241

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    I also read that they were considered the best submachinegun ever, and were only phased out due to age - they had just been around for too long. :rolleyes

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