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Aloha all.. Thought I'd share my Collection with the RPF.. It's nothing compared with a lot of other members collections.. But not doing bad for someone who hasn't worked 3 years.. :lol

My collection is mainly made up of The Fifth Element, V ( TV Series ), Indy, Goonies, National Treasure and Back to the Future.. Lately, I've been on a huge Harry Potter snatch up.. Actually, got to wait until Friday before I can get my new display case, which will be especially for Harry Potter..

I've also got bits and pieces from other movies, which I'll post up too..

WARNING: This topic will be pic heavy..
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Re: My Prop Replica Collection..


Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

The Fifth Element..

And this is what the display looks like.. As you can see, the display has a light on top, as well as behind each glass shelf, which lights the shelf up..

I've also got 4 Multipasses I still need to do and finish, as well as a mini replica of Zorg's ship..
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Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

WOW! Majorly impressive Fifth Element setup man! :thumbsup

Thanx Adam.. As mentioned, I have the 4 Multipasses I need to get around to doing.. Also need to paint Zorg's shuttle up.. Got to find a close enough version of the frame for Korban's Award and a black frame for the Please Help Me poster.. Also looking at doing a little display with the Perfect Being Severed Hand.. Put it into a small box case with rocks and sand etc..
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

I love the Fifth Element or do I love Milla Jovovich in the Fifth Element...either way I really dig your props!
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Holy guacks !!!!! The Fifth Element replicas you have are AMAZING !!!

Both in quality and the way you displayed them !

:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Top quality FE collection! Really diggin' the lighted shelves, custom job or store bought?
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Great looking display, love how the shelves are lit up!!! Now lets see your Indy & NT display!!!!


Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Great collection and would have to be the best in Oz for The Fifth Element, thats an entire continent you know.:cool
Feel more and more love for those police blasters every time i see one like that.
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Thanx guys.. I'll be posting some more pics tonight, need to wait until our 1yo son has gone to bed, before pulling items out to take pics.. :lol

As for the display, it's from a store here in Sydney.. Pricey though.. At the time I got it, they were going for around $700.. I ended up getting two of them, if I could, I would have gotten more.. They were $600 now when I last checked a couple of weeks ago..

For those in Sydney, I got them from Frisco Furniture, at the Homemaker Megamall in Auburn..

They are definitely better quality than the Ikea Detolf's.. Detolf's aren't as cheap here as they are in the US.. They go for $149 here, but I didn't like the finish on them.. These lighted ones, not only has all the lighting, but are slightly bigger than the Detolfs and the finish is superior..

One of the displays is all Fifth Element as you've seen.. The other one has Goonies, Indy, and National Treasure in it..

I have another two displays, but these are just two wooden corner units.. Definitely not as flash as the lighted cases, but pretty and fit in with all the other wooden furniture..

I have another case coming Friday, which will be for Harry Potter only..


Costing me more than the other display cases.. But has 2 halogen lights per shelf and is 1000mm(L) X 500mm(D) X 2000mm(H)..
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Awesome!!! I'm going to subscribe to this thread hehe. The fifth element props look amazing too
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Yeah the detolf are not as high as other displays. If I win in lottery some day I will get some like the pic you posted. Hopefully study time is coming to an end and it was worth the time to get a good job to earn more money. What is man without money to afford displays?!? :lol

Im excited to see the other stuff...
Re: My Prop Replica Collection..

Nice display Beechy, I think you maybe a bit obsessed with 5th Element though??? Mind you, aren't we all :)
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