Ray Park/Darth Maul videos wanted

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Dark One, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Not sure if this fits into the costume section but here it goes. I am trying to collect any videos/.jpgs of Ray Park/Darth Maul practicing the lightsaber stunts shown in Episode I. My newest costume will be a Darth Maul. I train/teach in a Brazilian Martial Art called Capoeira so several of the movements we do are similar to what Ray can do. Not only do I want to look the part, I can flip and twirl as well. I have downloaded all the ones off of Youtube.com but if anyone has any others that would be a great help. Pm me or e-mail.
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  3. dwrd

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    I will see if any of the guys in the Southern Outpost have some video from when he did the demonstration at AdventureCon a couple of weeks ago. They will be the same demonstration but might be at a different angle etc.
  4. Dark One

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    That would be great. I have no problem paying for the tape,DVD, etc. plus the shipping. Thanks.....
  5. The_Dwimmerlaik

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    Yuo can find some videos of Ray Park at SDCC if im not wrong in a battle with another guy in you tube he made some movements of the movie
  6. gjustis

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    Ray Park is fancy and all, but THIS guy is the shiz-nizow:


    Park's got NUFIN on Robitaille. He's my hero. ;)

    Plus, although it's not Park, you might be able to find some fun staff moves on the MA Trick site that the above vid comes from....in case that helps in the least....
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    Nuff said.

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