Raiders of the Lost Ark Revolver help


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I'd like to get the Tanaka S&W M1917 4inch Hand Ejector replica. They are sold out everywhere and I am having a hard time finding one.


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How's this?
snw m1917.jpg
And a photo of the Bapty revolver used during filming
indys bapty revolver.jpg

I don't see an "out of stock" notice for it so you should be good.
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I've never ordered anything from Rakuten, however I've been looking at airsoft guns on it, hence knowing where to look for the S&W.

Rakuten seems to be Japan's version of Amazon and Ebay. In Japan, where Rakuten is omnipresent, its businesses include online travel, auction and e-books, plus a bank and securities firm, as well as a baseball team, the Rakuten Eagles.
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There's got to be a US supplier of the guns though... at least someone drop shipping them from Rakuten. They may be trusted but the shipping and wait time might be high.


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If you want to go "all in" watch the action site You can get the other Indy gun, the Smith and Wesson 1917 for $400-500 if you are lucky/persistent. The hand ejector seems rarer and thus higher priced. Neither will come with 4 in barrels, you will have to cut either one.
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