Racal headset scratch build

obiwan kowalski

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Could someone provide some basic measurements of the Racal headset from Aliens/Starwars. I want to make one out of stuff from around the house. At minimum I am looking for the dimensions of the ear brackets and I could work from there but if someone wanted to throw in a few more measurements it would be greatly appreciated. Surely these could benefit many other people as well.
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Re: Racal headset measurements

Drop a PM to sofaking01 and say Canobi pointed l you his way. He's making a full scale MF cockpit and sorted some racel headsets a little while ago. If you ask him nicely I expect he could provide you with some dims and reference pics of the ones he's got.

obiwan kowalski

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Re: Racal headset measurements

Scratch building a Racal out of pvc pipe, some thin sheet metal and a dollar store set of headphones. I still need to figure out an earpiece and mic.

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