R2 Unit and Ninja Turtles


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One of my dreams is to build a life sized working R2 Unit...
Has anyone here attempted this? What is your skll level, and how difficult was it? Also curious as to the cost...I'd like to make it an RC unit if it doesn't break the bank too much..

And finally, has anyone on here ever built any Ninja Turtle props? With the Iphone, you could make a real time Turtle Com now using Facetime. And with all of these 'modified' Turtle Vans poppng up online, I'm curious if anyone has ever considered making a true to show model?
im going to convert a 250cc motorcyle into the ninja turtle bike had as a kid. its an easy thing with a paintjob and saddlebags. would be cool to have a turtle app for the comm. i still have the toys of them and have been toying with the idea of putting walkie talkie chips in em.
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