R.I.P. Patrick McNee


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93 YO. The Original Avenger - John Steed, And BSGTOS - Count Iblis, a few appearances of shows like Columbo among other fine roles. He could play a thoroughly Likable good guy, or a slimy, Nasty Villain, either way, he had that air of "Class" about him. Thank you for the memories Sir.


I Wish the Avengers Movie done in the 90s hadn't been such a POS.
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RIP Patrick Macnee. I grew up watching him, the Avengers, Battlestar Galactica (The Imperious Leader, narrator, AND Count Iblis)...too bad, the world has been losing so many great actors lately.


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Man, was just watching The Howling again for the millionth time.

He was one of a kind and created an Iconic role as John Steed
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