R.I.P. Patrick McNee

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by 0neiros, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. 0neiros

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    93 YO. The Original Avenger - John Steed, And BSGTOS - Count Iblis, a few appearances of shows like Columbo among other fine roles. He could play a thoroughly Likable good guy, or a slimy, Nasty Villain, either way, he had that air of "Class" about him. Thank you for the memories Sir.


    I Wish the Avengers Movie done in the 90s hadn't been such a POS.
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  2. Lord Boron

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    Bummer.....used to love watching The Avangers late at night when I was kid.
  3. Murdoch

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  4. Riceball

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    Funny, I thought he died years ago for some reason.
  5. Darth Lars

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    The real first Avenger ...

    I think the first movie I must have seen him in was the Bond movie A View to a Kill.
  6. Michael Bergeron

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    Oh man. This is sad. :(

    Long life well lived. RIP.
  7. JD

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    Patrick Macnee not McNee.
  8. SmilingOtter

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    And not just Count Iblis - he was the narrator in the opening credits:

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  9. Kylash

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    Yeah I remembered him from Battlestar the most.
  10. Probe Droid

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    Always enjoyed his work, but 93 is a very long life. Wasn't Lee 93 as well when he passed last week?

    Adios, Patrick.
  11. Jaitea

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  12. division 6

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    Mrs Peel we're needed.
    Guess I'll have to break out the Avengers tonight.
  13. SciFiMuseum

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    RIP Patrick Macnee. I grew up watching him, the Avengers, Battlestar Galactica (The Imperious Leader, narrator, AND Count Iblis)...too bad, the world has been losing so many great actors lately.
  14. yodakiller1138

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    RIP Mr. Macnee. Thanks for the memories. The once and future John Steed.
  15. joberg

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    Saw the series at the time...loved it! God speed Patrick.
  16. swgeek

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    R.I.P. Steed.
    Always loved The Avengers. I used to watch it after school in the 80's.
    Sad news.
  17. Apollo

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    Man, was just watching The Howling again for the millionth time.

    He was one of a kind and created an Iconic role as John Steed
  18. Betamin

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    I remember watching him in "The New Avengers" as a kid. Good show. RIP, Mr. Macnee.

    MAKE BELIEVE Sr Member

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    *! Day in day out we loose someone connected to the movie industry
    Rest In Peace
  20. PHArchivist

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    Just finished re-watching the Battlestars with my son. Sad to lose him, but 93 is a good long life.
  21. dcarty

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    It certainly seems like a lot of my childhood is passing away this year.

    Rest in well earned peace, sir!
  22. jheilman

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    I will always remember my mom (passed away last year) and me staying up after the evening news to watch reruns of the New Avengers back in the 80s. Later I discovered the originals and fell in love with them. I have never seen anything prior to Mrs. Peel, however. As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I'm embarressed to admit that I didn't realize, until very recently, that Diana Rigg plays Olenna Tyrell. I know she's pushing 80, but in my heart she will always be Emma Peel.
  23. Funky

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    The other night the wife and I were watching "This is Spinal Tap" and during the party scene who is one of the guests? I shouted from the living room, "Holy crap! It's Count Iblis!" The wife ran in from the kitchen, took a look at the screen and said, "oh, yeah!" :lol Again, my wife is the best!

    RIP, sir.

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