Quick question for anyone used VHT nightshade


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Hey guys i was curious for anyone who used VHT nightshade for their helmet visor how good is the vision for it? say if you sprayed it so it's tinted dark enough not to see through it, is it a total blur massacre or is it good enough to walk around in and perform some action?
I have only used the red. It is very clear. Your lense needs to be cleaned thoroughly and free of any lint or particles.
I used the nightshade on my kid's ODST visor. You need to do some practice run before appying it on the helmet visor. Consistent even coat or 2 light coats should be enough. Any more than that it will be too dark to see thru. Once sprayed, let the paint settle down and dry. The end result is quite amazing. There maybe some spots that are darker than others. Here is what the final product look like.

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