Quick Punisher for kids Halloween/Birthday party

Gary Pahls

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So, for my nephews B-day party was last saturday and since we were so close to Halloween and his love of all things super hero we were required to have a super hero themed custome. Me being the everlasting procrastinator waited to the night before to make mine

*EDIT* apparently I can't spell "party"
So I got onto the internet and made a stencil with Photoshop




So I was trying to go for the "not perfect" effect like in the 2004 punisher movie


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Re: Quick Punisher for kids Halloween/Birthday aprty

Nice man that kicks ass. I'm now thinking about attempting that on a police costume vest I have in the basement
Re: Quick Punisher for kids Halloween/Birthday aprty

Simple, yet very effective! I like the non-slick skull of the movie.
Re: Quick Punisher for kids Halloween/Birthday aprty

Thanks for the nice comments guys, especially for a project that I only dedicated three to four hours on and cost under $60!
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