Question is 3d modelling part of the RPF.

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by flimzy, May 10, 2015.

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    bite my shiny metal ass.jpg I call this one " Bite my shiny metal *!".... I've been a model make for as long as I can remember 25 of those year working in Film as a animatronics designer model maker and SFX senior tec but my last 3 films I gone full time in the art department just using my Knowledge of making thing physically and designing props in solid works. I've been working on my house and apart from some 3d printing I haven't had the energy to physically start a build. So I've taken to drawing up models I'd like to make but will never have the time. I always think 3D modelling belongs more on a CG site. but when it come to replicating something classic from out childhood films, it actually take just as much research to draw it as to make it ( just no glue and paint fumes) I will admit it not quite as satisfying as actually building something and theres not display case. but it has been fun. A work I can make things up so there is no wrong or right . but when your copying something if it looks wrong its wrong. Ps I'm not a renderer so the hole forgive the crud finish. solid works model, keyshot then photoshop.
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    I don't know if 3D modeling is part of the rpf ... but lately a lot of pre-visual designs of props are done in ... 3D before actually having them made for real ... that said ... I love your gathering of all those robots and droids ... even if only in 3D :) . . . Did you post a thread of some of your film related work, yet?

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    Yes I've already posted about the films I've worked on but I'm not aloud to post the actual work .
    99% of all film work is draw on computers first now. 3d assets are then past on to other departments. i.e. The CG bat in dark knight rises is actually the cad model same goes for the bat pod. There is so much post work done in the art department now the old model shop days of just making it up are nearly gone. when your spending millions on a film they want to see what there getting up front. and with 3D printing getting so easy plus laser cutting 3d routing and CNC work taking over its much easier to start with a cad drawing. all the concept artists work in sketch up the pencil is a thing of the past.
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    Loved it flimsy! Lots of other robots could've make the cut, but I guess that's for another post:cool
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    I welcome 3D modelling and visualization, but I'm thinking there should be a separate section for that kind of work. If the interest in it grows, then that section could be segmented down to separate the genres.


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