Question: Hardening XPS foam


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Could anyone help me. I have some XPS foam, the pink, blue or yellow kind, which can be used to make walls and stones to great effect. And I would like to use it to carve some smaller stone and wooden objects for a musical I'm making props for. These props will be handled a lot and the foam has the tendency to break and ore scratch easily. Is there anything I can coat it with that doesn't melt the foam but retains the detail I cut in it? I really have no idea and could use some help.



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If it really needs to be hard you can use resin or epoxy, both are safe for foam. You can even layer it with fiberglass cloth and epoxy for extra toughness.

If that kind of hardness isn't necessary you can coat it with Spackle or wood filler. This may obscure details though.
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