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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by trvann, May 19, 2005.

  1. trvann

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    Hey, this is for all you resin kit experts. What is the best way to use brass rods to streghten your kits?? I understand the idea, but how do you get the location correct on both pieces? Is there a good way to mark both parts so they line up correctly??

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Aegis159

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    I drill one of the pieces, glue in the rod then get my sharpie and mark the other end or the rod. I'll then eyeball the alignment of the pieces making sure to get enough pressure between the rod and the part yet to be drilled to leave a mark. I then drill at the mark just made, making it slightly larger than needed to give it some room to play with alignment. I dry fit the pieces again to see if my second drill work was on. If so add a little bit more epoxy to fill the extra space of the larger drilled hole.

    Works for me..
  3. jordankarr

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    Something I have used on Plastic models more then on Resin is take your "PIN" as the brass rod is really called, and then dab a small amount of acrylic paint something you can see and while its still wet touch it to the spot where its to connect to the model... the pull it away and once dry drill the holes.

    been a method I have used for years.
  4. King Ranger

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    Generally, depending on the two pieces to be fit together. I'll draw four lines on the outside with a little sharpie or something on four sides of the pieces bridging across the 2, then I'll connect the opposing lines and that will make an X where I drill. Then I usually eyeball the drilling.

    Another method I've used is drilling a hole on one side and inserting then gluing the pin , then drill a larger hole on the other side and fill with a putty (more putty than necessary. Then you cover one side with wax or vaseline thinnly and push the pin into the putty and the excess putty will fill in to make a pretty good connection. Then you separate the pieces.

    Those are just 2 methods I've used in the past.

  5. Lynn TXP 0369

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    Instead of brass rods, use coat hanger wire for the "pins".

    It is easy and extreamly cheap if not free.

  6. Lynn TXP 0369

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    I have used the methods supplied above with great success but I have also done the following method with great success.

    Depending on what your building, take and glue both parts together and simply drill deep into the top part so you know your deep into both parts being glued together with a drill bit the size of coat hanger wire.

    Cut a piece of coat hanger wire so that will be just below the surface of the top piece.

    Flow some super glue in hole, insert wire, add some more super glue.

    Putty over hole to hide.

    The part is now attached and secured.


    This method is great for figures, dinos, animals, and creatures with bumps and things on it.


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