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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by juno, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. juno

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    Okay, so I had my first auction pulled. What can I do? My Hogwarts Express tickets aren't EXACT EXACT (just as close as I can make them). . . is there wording I need to do? I don't see the Marauder's Maps being pulled... :cry
  2. allosaur176

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    how did you describe it in your auction???
  3. juno

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    Title: Harry Potter Hogwarts Train Platform 9 3/4 ticket prop
    (just realized I left REPLICA out -- if I add replica is all well and good?)

    "Platform 9 ¾? But, Hagrid, there must be a mistake. This says Platform 9 ¾. There's no such thing. Is there?

    Are you itching to attend Hogwarts? With this ticket you'll be half-way there. (Although I can't guarantee running at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 will get you to the Hogwarts Express.)

    If you're the winning bidder, you'll receive one wonderous ticket -- this ticket, just like the movie's, printed on plain paper with gold foil details. The text matches the movie ticket exactly. It is approximately 2 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches in size.

    Shipping is $1.00 and I will ship anywhere in the world. As I cannot confirm whether or not the buyer is magical or muggle, I'll be using the muggle mail system for shipment so as not to arouse the suspicions of the Ministry of Magic.

    Also, due to the recent loss of my Gringotts' vault key, I can only accept PayPal, check, or Money Order (I will wait for checks to clear before shipping).

    Please note that this ticket is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Although printed on a computer, all the gold foiling is hand-applied by me, and I also hand-created the original artwork. If you have any questions please e-mail me, I'd be happy to create a custom ticket just for you. This ticket would make a great gift for any Harry Potter fan.
  4. aliensarchive

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    The WB loves you.
  5. EmmasOneandOnly

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    Why is stuff like this pulled?

    is it because the tight-wads at WB arnt making money when we do this?

    If you want to keep it up I suggest removing a pretty good lot of "this is an exact match to the one in the movie" because that may hurt you. Or just the title. Hogwarts is copyrighted, only HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY but you might want to put Harry Potter Replica Wizard School Train Ticket or something like that.

    Good luck :angel
  6. Rylo

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    You're flagged, now. List it again and they'll catch it...

    STOP; otherwise, you risk a C&D and losing your Ebay account for multiple violations.

    Do not listen to playground logic about changing words around. Harry Potter "ANYTHING" is property of WB.

    Warner Bros is the most aggressive studio there is. A VERO means your auction was removed by the request of the license holder and your item is infringing.

    Happens to the best of us. You stop and move along. There is no reasoning as to why one person gets pulled when another doesn''s just always been that way as any prop, old-timer will tell you.

    Sure, it sucks but that's the way it is.
  7. Blad

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    Absolutely agree with Rylo, you will be flagged - if you list it again and get vero'd again you may well find your eBay account blocked.

    I'm afrad you need to move on to something else. :(
  8. Roger Ramjet

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    I buy and sell Trek Props a lot on ebay (Just ask the wife) and once you are flagged, your auctions will be monitored for a period, not forever but just to make sure you do not try and relist this item, so word to the wise as Rylo said, cut your losses and move on...

  9. juno

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    But now, here's where it gets weird. My Sorcerer's stone stone was not removed -- however ALL my tickets were.
  10. Rylo

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    Shrug your shoulders and move on...

    I've had items pulled even "after" the auction 2 weeks after and then PayPal reversed the charges on me, too.

    All you can do is honor the request to stop when asked.
  11. juno

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    I wondered if PayPal would do that....

    Now THAT sucks.
  12. SurferGeek

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    The resulting Vero isn't always a discovery made by the copyright holder. Over the years I've seen competing replica prop makers battle silent little wars by narking on each other directly to the copyright holder. :rolleyes

    Don't bother trying to open another account name to sell them under as they are still linked to you.
  13. Jimbo890

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    I agree, the description or title was what caused it. Veroed. You have been flagged, and if you try that again, you run a risk of getting blocked. Try again, in 6 months, or make something new. Maybe change it up a lot, and say "inspired by the movie..."

    Try selling your stuff else where. Try the Junkyard, or your own sales page.

    This hobby really is a gray area. Ebay is high enough profile, that the WB, et. al. will see it, and if they think they are being violated, this sort of thing happens.

    Good luck with it. OR, you could buy some Harry P. used DVD's for cheap, and sell them with a free Ticket.
  14. juno

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    Thanks for all the advice. I'm just going to let it pass -- there go my dreams of making millions off of train tickets :rolleyes. I actually contacted WB about it -- asking what I could do to make it less infringe-worthy. Here's there response (I love how they encourage me to rat out my fellow makers):

  15. Clutch

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    Ha. What a load.
  16. Darkknight0667

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    What do you mean? They are the license holder to the HP property (probably paid JKR a tidy little sum for the priviledge, too). Juno is not. They want to assert their right that he can't sell replicas of their property. Any of the studios can do this to anyone here that sells their product on ebay (or anywhere else, for that matter) at any time. And, they can pick and choose who they decide to stop, too. And the only explanation that they have to give is:

    It's not "a load", it's their right. It's really no different that LFL going after AA/SDS, except in the size of the studio's reaction.

    Now, maybe when the heat is off him (3mos, 6mos, a year?), Juno can relist his replica and, if he avoids any mention of HP, Hogwarts, etc. he could probably slip under their radar. But, that a big chance to take on a maybe. He's best off just taking his loss and moving on.
  17. Jedirick

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    Well, I was going to support Rylo's comment and say something similar to DK but since it's been said...

    Animosity toward licensors or licensees for that matter, really can't exist in this hobby. They have the rights. Only the awareness that we pursue this as a hobby and not for profit keeps the wolf from the door.
  18. juno

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    Not feeling animosity however....
    "Now, maybe when the heat is off him (3mos, 6mos, a year?), Juno can relist his replica and, if he avoids any mention of HP, Hogwarts, etc. he could probably slip under their radar. But, that a big chance to take on a maybe. He's best off just taking his loss and moving on."

    I'm a SHE a SHE -- Juno is the Roman version of Hera -- a SHE I tell you...
    heheh :lol

    That said...thanks for all the advice. My biggest fear was that I was going to get sued for making these things. I don't mind stopping eBaying and selling them sub rosa. And I am going to keep selling the stones till they yank those too.... Mwhahaha

    And I guess I should also state that selling the few I did on eBay really connected me with some awesome fellow HP fans -- that I'm still corresponding with. So in the end, it was worth it.
  19. tripoli

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    Actually, your pretty lucky. My first auction with a WB infraction resulted in a direct C&D Ceast and Desist letter from the lawyers. Turn over any and all property with relation to the auction, list all previous profits, letter of apology, letter of income, ect. It was one odd item I had bought earlier on ebay, so it was not a bad thing, but the legallese demands raised my blood pressure quite a bit.
    Not something you really want to go through.
    So adhere to Rylo's advice, its not worth the legal issues that could result if you did try to relist the item again.
  20. Darkknight0667

    Darkknight0667 Sr Member

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    WHOOPS... I guess my chauvenism is showing again. Sorry about that.
  21. the_eli

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    I spoke to a licensing exec at Walt Disney Studios and they said that a 'replica' is an artists version of a prop used in film. It doesnt become an infringement, otherwise people would be challenging knock off brands of everyday things we see at stores we go to. NOW, the fine line is if you say for example, 'an exact replica molded from the actual prop', and that raises a flag as most of the time props are the property of the studio producing or in often times, the actors. In the case of Harry Potter, almost all props go to the studio for exhibition.

    Just thought I would help.
  22. Prop-Builder

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    What about a custom-made Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane for example? I was told this would be a fabricated piece and so not such a problem. I guess I'm ok doing amber mined pieces as that's pretty much how they're dug out of the ground anyway (none of Universal's business there), but I do wonder how close to the original JP dinosaurs I can get and still sell them legally? :confused
  23. etrigan69

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    What I have seen on ebay is people sell say one trading card and it says something like "1 Batman Trading Card With Free Dark Knight Cowl". It seems to work but now that your'e flagged I don't know if I would try it.
  24. exoray

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    The guy you talked to obviously doesn't know IP law that well... Knock off brands are constantly challenged, the problem is they pop up faster then they are taken down, and most of them revolve around patent not copyright and are foreign in origin making prosecution hard...

    In the US a "derivative" work is infringement, that means if you base your work off of the original ie 'replica' then it's almost certainly a derivative work unless you take it to a new level of artistic creativity... The courts are the only one that can gauge if you took it to the next level or not and are granted new rights...

    There are also Trademark issues to content with... In Trademark if your work is confusing similar it can be found to be an infringement, many movie franchises are Trademarked now...

    In the end it will cost you (give or take) about $500 - $800 an hour to hire and attorney to defend you in Federal Court and roll the dice on your innocence or guilt (liability)... A big HUGE risk, with the potential for millions of dollars in judgments against you...
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  25. darthinvictus

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    I too have gotten a c&d and while it is something to brag about now, at the time I must say I was a bit scared. If they come after you, yer skrood!
  26. Funky

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    I FRAMED both of my C&D's! :lol
  27. PhoenixVader

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    I had the same thing happen with my Goonies map 4 years ago. Got the auction pulled and a nastygram. So I stopped selling them. Funny thing is, everyone and their mother sells them now without issues. Go figure. Guess it is just luck of the draw.

  28. darthinvictus

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    See it's like comparing scars or tattoos

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