QMX to produce hero props for Warehouse 13

Paging Jedifyfe. Jedifyfe, you are needed in the props forum.

Don't get me wrong, it's great news, and I sincerely hope that QMx can get off the pot and produce them. Though this has already been discussed in other QMx/W13 threads :)
QMX mentioned on their Facebook page that they will have some to sell at SDCC. I hope that means they've spent all of this "quiet time" cranking them out.
So are these before or after the working Zat guns and Abramsprise?

Sorry until I see something sitting on a table ready to buy from them and walk away with it., I just don't believe it.
There are now hero versions of both the Farnsworth $399 and Tesla $1195 listed on their website for sale on the 29th.

The Farnsworth has light and sound effects and is limited to 500
The Tesla sits there and looks pretty and is limited to 500
Quick note: The Tesla and Farnsworths are on sale at SDCC in limited numbers. And, yep, they'll be on sale after the show.

Purchasing details on the Enterprise Refit and 2009 Enterprise should be out fairly soon. We're just dealing with the craziness of con ;-)
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