Putting an armor set on...


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Hey all, so I've been working on a Samus Power suit for the past few months, and I've come upon a couple of problems. Namely that the shin pieces don't fit.

They are to scale perfectly, the only problem is that the opening at the top is not wide enough for the calf muscle to slip through, but it is wide enough to encase the leg above the muscle. For a test-fit to make sure it was right at all, I cut the back of one of the legs open and slid my leg in that way, but once I fiberglass and bondo the piece, it'll be too rigid to do that.

So does anyone know of any way that I can take two rigid pieces and have them be able to be taken apart and put together seamlessly with no straps or clips showing? Or, if they must be shown, be shown minimally?


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Have you thought about making somekind of spoon to lock the armor piece around your leg, but still easy removable, I'd make the back of the leg a little wider like you said, but taking another piece shove it in there behind the calve, when you undress you take it out again ....something like a shoe-spoon but for legs.


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cut it in half and embed neodynium magnets on both sides. put enough and they'll hold together even when running.