Prowse Size Mannequin

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I did a search on the Prowse size mannequin, it was being made in Germany (I think)
Was there an update on this? did I miss out? Can anyone recall the post I'm refering to? or am I going nuts (more nuts that is). :confused

I'd love to have one, it was one of those bendy types I think.

Any info on this would be appreciated.



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Durasteel Corporation

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Well Clutch you make a good point in a way.

Making accurate mannequins is neither easy nor cheap per se. Even if you go down the foam and duct-tape path, its a lot of work and you still have to know anatomy pretty well (which is why Id argue some homemade mannequins dont look like theres a person inside than a stuffed doll and are hardly strong enough to bear the weight over long periods).

Even fiberglass mannequins like mine are expensive to make. The molding costs are high and laborsome as is the huge amount of fiberglass required.

Still, even then a metal frame is the best route to go. It requires bending, welding, shaping etc.

I guess the way I look at it....and the primary reason I began to make steel and fiberglass mannequins is because I wanted long term durability....but they do take time to make. I was also tired of seeing stress cracks in store bought mannequins which are not designed for weight or load bearing. They fiberglass is super thin, weak.

And boy oh boy...shipping a full size mannequin is killer. People scoffed at the carbonite shipping which ran a minimum of 100 bucks for a flat panel no less.

So there is more to a mannequin than quick and fast. Costs time and money to make these things if they are anatomically accurate and strong, long lasting.

Personally if I spend 3000 bucks on a costume...I want the best possible means to display it. Why buy a ferrari and park it outside?

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Durasteel Corporation

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I've shipped a few mannequins in North America, only costed me like $50 with tracking from fedex.

Right, Ive shipped torsos and normal mannequins and you are right normal shipping aint bad....but a prowse sized mannquin is HUGE, and thus shipping reflects costs.

The primary reason I have not molded up this torso yet is because Ive been very busy with other projects.

Ive been asked why I have not yet provided my mannequin.....

If I truly felt there was substantialinterest provided people understand the costs/time factor ...I will undertake the production of my mannequin. Im not looking to get rich on my mannequin, but Im certainly not going get nickel and dimed for it.

We all want something for as little as we can get it...definately true. However, some things just take more time to make, and cost more money to produce. Its that simple, like it or not. I really cant say it any other way.

If you want to go with a duct-tape or pvc mannequin, go for it. You want an anatomically accurate and super strong mannequin, go for it. I used to make foam, duct-tape, etc mannequins and gave up as I was sick and tired of the lack of durability----and your talking to a guy who uses mannequins professionally for several of his businesses.

Now, I do recall another mannequin made by Sylvestri out in California...but it was only about 6'4 when truly measured. I recall the cost being around 750 plus about 100 shipping. Its also not a weight bearing mannequin....I came very close to buying it until the seller asked me what I planned on using it for, then he suggested I not buy it, thankfully.


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Originally posted by clutch@Feb 16 2006, 03:41 PM
I've learned not to get excited when it comes to vader mannequins.

:lol sh.t...the Vader mannequin threads used to get me excited.

The guy from Germany never panned out....xmart (I think) never heard back from him.

I'm still holding out hope for Dark Shadow's contact...since the supplier is apparently in Canada, it would work out well for me shipping & Customs wise....

Drew, I can see your durability point from your perspective since you're dealing with steel helmets, armor, chainmail, etc....very heavy. But f-glass Vader armor weighs a fraction of that.....personally, I'm not looking for something that's built like a tank....I just want to display my Vader on something that's close to accurate size. Hopefully, Scott's contact will get back to him soon....otherwise, I may break out the PVC pipe and duct tape.......not. :p

Simmon M

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I've also learned to not get excited when I see these threads pop up.

However I have been keeping my eye out for any sort of update on Scott's mannequin. Hopefully he'll be able to hammer out the details on that.

Durasteel - how much arm twisting would it take for you to offer yours to the board? :)

Durasteel Corporation

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You dont have to twist my arm? Just curl my hair and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. :love

Honestly the main reason is because I dont think everyone realizes the issues with mannquin support, hence the need for the frame and/or the need for some type of support.

There are various ways to support your mannequin.

You sorta have to think through this a bit.

How do you plan on supporting the mannequin to the base???

There are three basic ways:

(requires making holes in the boots OR making a fake boot that slides up to the ankle. This isnt a bad idea if one were creative)

-THROUGH THE CALF (requires a hole in the back of the suit)

(I did this as it required no hole cutting, I unzip the suit and have a support stant that follows the back of the leg, inserting into the lower back without any holes.

The reason I would prefer to make the torso first is because it would allow me to generate a little money for the legs/arms. Ye old mold up for large pieces is pricey my friends. ;) All told, the mold up for a full mannequin is around 1400 bucks, so you can be damn sure I aint dropping that dough if I think people arent committed. Gotta work with me a bit here, thats what Im saying.

I would prefer to make the torso first. This is because for many, as per what theyve said, the arms and upper legs are rather easy to make. Its the base torso that you really need..sorta sets everything up. At that point you can make your own arms or legs.....or you can order my arm and leg casts. Just like professional mannquin, I will make mine such that it can be assembled with ordinary household tools and skill....Im aware we arent all shop knomes.

Now for the torso I would most likely include a basic steel frame possible with a platform or with the ability to mount brackets on a platform.

I have also thought about custom sci-fi looking platforms for Vader...with a sort of SW flare to them. This would really look cool and be a lot of fun.

So yes I am personally molding up my arms and legs for my own suit and suits of armor.

As for strength or the seemingly excessive need for strength Kev, the point Im making is that a weight will compress foam after so many months and years. I used to use foam mannequins until I began noticing they were slouching. While my concept may sound like overkill, its not....Im looking at the longer term here. Most of us wont troop forever... we will want to display our suits on a quality mannqeuin that will last some time. And even if it is overkill....better to have overkill than underkill. I mean, who you gonna take seriously on the street (or your prop room): Lord Overkill or Lord Underkill. :D
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