Proton pack update

American Dragon

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I just finished installing all four of my Hyperdyne Gun light kits into my guns, which took about a total of 8 hours to do so. I chose to make the guns different in some way. As of lately I like a little variety in my gear, kind of why I choose the different ribbon cable for my packs, I like the differences.

Hyperdyne kits

Basic set up of a gun

Awe, what a mess...

That looks betterÂ…

And he said “Let there be LIGHT...”

The camera made the vent lights have a green tint but they are pure white and blinding bright.

The firing LEDs are white and orange so it gives off a purple tint.


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Yeah, I will say you did a bang up job. The install looks great. I hope the blue and purple LEDs were bright enough for ya. :)


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Great job, bud. I can tell you from my own experience, the interior of that gun is a small space to pack the wiring and lights. :) They look great.

-B89. :D