Prosthetics Tutorial

I was talking to Matt about his Grapple Gun Tutorial Video's and we kind of started talking about doing a series on prosthetics... This is simply in the early idea stages now BUT I had some questions...

What character/creature/thing should be made


Should it be made as a generic piece and offered for sale here or should it be specific to the model in the videos and show how to make such a thing?

Looking for opinions. Scheduling and budgeting this is going to be difficult but if theres enough interest and ideas we'll try to make it work out.
Maybe start with smaller pieces, like noses or chins (or foreheads, for the Klingons), then work up to full or nearly full coverage of the face. I know what I'd like to do someday, that might be a neat tutorial:

My husband agreed to do that one for the next big con we go to.

Edited to add: I wouldn't even need someone to sell them, just show me how to do them well.
id love to see a good in depth tutorial because im going to start trying to make some prosthetics just to practice and learn how pretty soon
I think Neill Gorton's dvds have this pretty well covered. And there are hundreds of tutorials online for things. Not saying you shouldn't do it, its great that you wanna help people learn about it, its just a lot of work for something thats been done already.
Neills DVDs are great and cover everything to do with silicone prosthetics but there still is room for tutorials with different materials.

You could do a series on foam latex, you could take it as far as building a hobby oven, to showing the correct mix for foam. Not much of that out there at the moment
Thanks Rich! Very good point! I was planning on doing foam. There's so many more steps and I think it'd be easier for a beginner/novice in the application.

I'd probably just use a home oven though... I know some people frown on it and others say theres no harm... I used to bake out foam in the lounge oven at my school when I was in college and there were no problems... :p

Still looking for subject suggestions guys! Keep them coming!
Cool, yeah, you can't beat a foam piece for application. Tack in in the centre and it stays put.
I know there is no evidence to support the taboo that you shouldn't use your kitchen over but boy does it stink!
Just a thought - I live in Sweden, and a lot of the stuff used in the tutorials I have seen isn't available up here. Things that you americans can buy around the corner is usually sold under a different name here, or doesn't exist.
I'm not saying that you should limit your materials to stuff that is universal. I 'm just asking: Could you please, pleeeaaazze try to at least inform the members of the eurotrash division of the RPF, how and where to find the materials you use? Or even better, inform us what the product is called in Europe? Thanks in advance! ;-)
I'd be more than willing to look into it! This stuff is a specialty even out here. It's available and easy to find, but it is only available at effects stores. I'd definitely keep an eye out and include said info. Good idea!
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