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Hi all, new here and must say all of you are very talented. I don't have much of that but am working on some prop accesories for daughters sexy harely quinn costume. I am doing her mallet but had issues with the paint on cardboard so am re-wrapping it in foam. What is the best paint to use for foam? I also will be doing a pale yellow with dark cherry mixed with glaze on top and using a wood grain painting tool. Here are some pics. Any advice would be helpfull. BTW this is not meant to be accurate. Just a cool prop for her outfit.

Here is the tube of the mallet. The inner core is a smaller tube i did with cork, papertowl roll and spray foam then did another larger outer core i covered in rubber drawer matt.

1 by remmi28, on Flickr

More pics, thought bout just doing a cork outer layer if the painting doesn't come out well on the foam. This is what it would look like.

3 by remmi28, on Flickr

2 by remmi28, on Flickr

5 by remmi28, on Flickr

4 by remmi28, on Flickr
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For a costume and the base involved, look into off the shelf wood grain tac paper. The same stuff you would use to line a kitchen shelf with.
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