Products that were not intended to be used in model making but work anyway


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Don't know if I'm in the right section for this thread, but I discovered two products that were not, originally, intended for building/modeling use, but are helping me achieve the same result for less money(y)

First product: Loews Canada (don't know if it's the same product for Loews U.S.) sells a flat 2"X4" Smooth Pro (part 745-00) sheet of some kind of plastic (thickness: 6/8th of an inch) in a near satin finish.
Great for building anything: sands beautifully, no problem painting it and shaping it. You can use your normal contact cement or crazy glue. I love it and it's cheap ($15.99, CDN dollar)!

Second product: Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Women's section: Nailene Brush-On Nail Glue(0.18 oz) That's right...cheaper than Crazy Glue, has a brush applicator and bonds even when sem-dryo_O:D. Removable, from your skin, with soap and water (Ingredient: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate...made in Taiwan).

There we go...any other products that you're using and are not intended for their original use (besides the Baking Soda+Crazy Glue trick);)


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Inexpensive clear gloss, a form of liquid plastic which is great news for those of us who use Acrylic paint due to less solvent issues.

Excellent leveling abilities when applied and dries to a semi-gloss hard finish and seals in all previous paintwork or decal work.

Best Sealer, Decal setter and preserver. Excellent for airbrush to seal in weathering effects and to make gloss coats. Makes an excellent barrier to keep lacquers from attacking the plastic or acrylic undercoat. I do the dip for all my clear canopies and it literally fills and fixes scratches in the clear plastic and makes the canopy look thinner and sharper.


Also, I just picked up a pack of microscope slide covers and a tungsten carbide scribe, which I intend to use to cut actual glass for windows.

I will report back with actual results, but early tests indicate that it will be pretty straightforward.

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Bondo Spot Putty... made for fixing little divots on cars... awesome for filling seams on models... and relatively cheap.

Baking soda for snow is another good one... But kinda messy

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Whenever it is election time, there are tons of posters hung out, almost all of them are printed on a type of styrene that has the same ribbed inner structure with an inner and outer wall (like cardboard). Of course I wait till after the elections are over to go harvesting, but these are great both for a styrene substitute and excellent for making boxes for pouring silicone moulds. The latter because you can just cut one wall where you need a corner, bend it and so on. I will add a picture this evening when I get home.

I also use shampoo bottles (or any kind of plastic bottle really) that have a colored transparent plastic to use for lighting. It is much cheaper than the sheets of colored transparent that you buy at hobby shops.


All in all, I always keep an eye open when I am throwing things in the trash. It can be a great source of greebles, but you need to be careful to not make it too obvious… I love it when I see a model and see a capsule for a coffee machine. ;) which does not have to be a bad thing, cut it up, greeble it up, whatever… you just need to add it to your model so that it does not look like you just glued a capsule to your model.
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electric guitar strings are great to add tiny tubing details to any engine or robot, the same goes for soldering wire , as long a you dont expose it to high temperatures during the rest of the build , you can do piping work like on the of jet engines with all those intricate desings.
If you dont have vacuuforming equipment and need a canopy , you can always look for fishbowls/tanks decorative rocks and stuff , there are some that are just translucent colored plastic shapes ( stars, seashells , random " crystals") you can grind the proper canopy with a dremel and a little bit of sanding, polishing with toothpaste and future floor finish can give you a awesome looking canopy


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Cheap lamp stands turned into model stands/bases. Trophy bases, shaving brushes


Well using it for a different purpose :)

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