Production used Holy/False Grail from Last Crusade


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As many of you know they had one of the original, production made Holy Grails and also a false Grail from LC on display here in Chicago in 2004-2005. I probably didn't take as many pics of them as I should have (seening as the Ark was there) but what I have I have put in a folder for anyone who wants to use them for reference. This isn't the first time pics like this have been posted, but I thought I'd put them together in one spot for anyone who wants to use them.

These are now on display in Boston (?) through sometime this year. I'd love it if any of you are going to go to the exhibit there to please take some height measurements on both Grails if you can. I forgot to do that. So worried about the Ark an all. ;)


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Originally posted by adamata@Feb 24 2006, 08:07 PM
Where is boston?  :)

Well, it's a part of Massachusetts, part of the region known as New England in the North Eastern United States. Sometimes called Taxachussetts and it's inhabitants are sometimes referred to as "Massholes" ;) :lol



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Sorry if I got you excited Tony, but it's in Pittsburg. After you asked I looked and found this over at :

I know there were a couple of members that have gone to the Pittsburg exhibit and it's exactly the same as the set-up in Chicago. Worth the trip if you're in and around Pittsburg.