Printing on foamies


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Is it possible to use an inkjet printer to print onto white foamy? Has anyone done this? What were the results?
Working on an alan scott green lantern and I was thinking for the chest logo print it onto a sheet of foamy and then i could attach that to the shirt.
Why not just build the logo with layered foamies in the appropriate colors... or paint each layer if you cannot find the right colored foamies?
I'm not sure if it would have the texture you are looking for, but have you considered using a printed vinyl decal instead? This approach worked out alright for a Baroness costume that I did a while back:

I work at a graphics shop and we have a flatbed printer that will print on up to 4' x 8' material. We usually print on styrene and sintra plastic, but also foam core, acrylic and wood. I'll try to test a piece when I go in next week and see how it does. Not sure if the UV curing lamps will melt or warp the foam. I'll let you know what I find out.
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