Preventing condensation on inside of mask?


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Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a Red Hood build and one thing I noticed is that my breath is causing condensation to appear on the inside of the mask. The design doesn’t really allow for me to drill any breathing holes, but I’m conscious that the condensation may damage the mask over time, so I wondered if there was perhaps something I could line the inside with to catch my breath and prevent it from condensing on the mask?

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have encountered this issue so any help will be very gladly appreciated. :)


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I bought two 'welding mask' fans from HighTechToyz (US) to use for my future projects.
Other than that I wouldn't know,but curious to see the responses to come on this topic


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Do like the divers do when scuba-diving: spit in your mask, "clean" the plastic/glass part with your saliva and then rinse with clear water; works everytime;)


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Maybe you could redirect your breath away from the mask? Use foam padding to avoid hot humid air going up the mask, channel it down or to the sides of it? When I use goggles and the like I find the simplest solution is to ensure there's some padding below the eyes and on the nose bridge, so the lens part is actually sealed against the face and insulated from the mouth/jaw part...


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Those are the 'welding mask' fans I bought from HighTechToyz.You could use a small pc fan as well,or as mentioned make openings to divert the air
Highly recommend NOT using pc fans. Not high enough RPMs to keep up with your breathing. Trust me from experience in an enclosed helmet with PC fans. I overheated like a mother#%@%!&$.


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I know this works for quite a while when wearing gas masks etc, so you could try getting some washing up liquid on a piece of kitchen roll, and after applying a small amount of water to it, smear it across the inside of the mask and just leave it on, and reapply it if necessary ,whenever it starts to "steam up" again.
Last time I wore the gas mask it worked for a couple of hours before the eye holes needed treating again.