Prequel to Batman 89 Fan Film Needs Your Help!!!

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Although I lurk here quite often I don't usually post. As I'm pretty much exclusively Batman orientated I hang out more at the BOTB, but those of you that have known me for some time, know that I have a love of filmmaking and have long planned a Batman fan film. I first started developing the idea for a Batman film way back in 2000, since then the movie has evolved into what is now a prequel to Batman 1989.

Over the past 18 months I stepped up the development to pre-production, but that fell by the wayside somewhat due to the birth of my son, a job redundancy and the imminent Batman Begins. I felt that releasing a prequel to Tim BurtonÂ’s Batman would be pointless at this stage, as it would get lost in the excitement of the new film.

Like many of you I have now seen the film and while I think itÂ’s fantastic and love it very much, I still believe there is room for my film in the Bat-world and so I have decided to proceed. I will be starting pre-production in earnest over the next few months with a view to shooting over the course of next year and I need your help.

I will be shooting as much “in-camera” as possible, but I need the help of model-makers (of the practical variety) and CGI artists to make this vision come to life.

As of this time, all costume needs have been taken care of, as have all props that I need. I will be building some sets and also dressing some locations, but in order to fully render Gotham City IÂ’m in need of model makerÂ’s to build Miniatures and CGI artists for some visual effects work.

As always with a project of this nature, there is very little money to spend, but I’m hoping some of you will come on board for the thrill of being part of a Batman film. I will attempt to cover all material costs and I’m sure there will be an opportunity for ‘gifts’ for those involved and of course you will receive a credit and a DVD copy of the final film.

I currently have a website for the film that will become more active with info as the project grows. Some info that is currently on the site is in need of updating, but youÂ’ll get the general idea.

If you wish to contact me to discuss the project you can do so by email me at either of these addresses

I shall be posting the same message at several message boards that I frequent, but if you know of someone that maybe interested in being part of this project, donÂ’t hesitate to send them my way.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from some of you soon. The script is available for those interested in contributing.

All the best

Paul J. Wares

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Originally posted by knightdriver2001@Jul 27 2005, 02:25 PM
Where abouts is the filming taking place?

Just wanted to see where your located.

PM or e-mail me with a bit of info on the project, I may be
able to help with things. Thanks.
Email on it's way Brian. I'm based in the UK.


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Here's a more detailed breakdown on what I need. Some will be CGI and Miniatures, others sets and locations. Some of it is still undecided and will really depend on the level of talent prepared to commit to the project.

Stone Bat Symbol For Title Sequence - Miniature/CGI
Wayne Manor Exterior - Miniature/CGI
Wayne Manor Study - Location
Wayne Manor Study Window - Miniature/CGI
Wayne Manor Library - Location
Wayne Manor Clock Entrance to Batcave - Set
Batcave Elevator Exit and Corridor -Miniature/CGI
Batcave Monitor Platform - Miniature/CGI
Batcave Batmobile Turntable as seen from runway exit - Miniature/CGI
Jack Napier's Apartment Exterior - Miniature/CGI
Jack Napier's Apartment Bedroom - Location
Joe Chill's Hotel/Wayne Murder Scene - Miniature/CGI
Joe Chill's Hotel Room - Location
Hotel Stairwell - Location
Hotel Lobby - Location
Gotham City Gardner Overpass with Elevated Train Platform - Miniature/CGI
Gardner Overpass - Jack Napier's Vigil spot - Miniature/CGI
Gotham Cathedral Tower - Miniature/CGI
Gotham Cathedral Belfry - Miniature/CGI
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