Predator mask identification help


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I need a crash course in Predator masks please.

How many masks were used during filming and is the following pics of the stunt or hero version?

I ask because the area that I've marked by a red circle always seems different on casts that I've seen for sale.


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I may be wrong, but I think the helmet you have pictured would be considered the "stunt" bio, it is the bio that covered the open face mask that KPH wore during most scenes. The "Hero" would be regarded as the bio helmet the Predator took off to show his UglyMF face in the swamp before the big fight scene with Arnie.

Not alot of people know that on the Stunt helmet used for the movie, the tri-laser housing was not on the bio itself, it was attached to the open face under mask. The bio just had a hole in it to allow the tri-laser to fit through.

The part of the helmet you have circled has been altered or resculpted on many of the Pred 1 bios you see for sale out there. I'm not sure why, I know there are several helmets available that have been totally revamped, such as the Porsce. Also there are a lot of custom sculpt bios out there as well.
Also that part is usually a resin bit that comes seperate, not attached to the helmet. I've seen plenty of kits for sale that did not include this part, so people have probably had to sculpt there own, or buy one from a different helmet maker.

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