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Hi guys, seeking help to paint the blood of predator. what is most real you recommend me to use
thanks in advance
Flourescent green acrylic paint by Apple Barrel would be the cheapest. If you want it to glow you can buy glow in the dark paint at craft stores like HobbyLobby if your in the U.S.
Thanks, I have vallejo fluorescent but did like the finish look's not real. I know are much colors, so I just looking for others experience to try for the best result. I will go to michael its near from home
Thanks again
Hi guys, seeking help to paint the blood of predator. what is most real you recommend me to use
thanks in advance

In the past I've painted blood by painting layers

  1. base coat of titanium white - acrylic - this makes the thinner paints show up better - i suppose you could paint a green yellow base coat - but i've always done white.
  2. flourescent (day glow) yellow/green - enamel - makes it look good in the daytime - why? beacause this is how its viewed by most in daylight.
  3. Thinner layer of Glow in the Dark Craft paint, (sorry label came off a long time ago but the brand harldy matters) Glows a little in the dark - but looks lousy in the daytime thus the day glow layer underneath thats heavier..
  4. Heavy Gloss Paint - for wet shine
Thanks for help guys.
Well finally I decide used my vallejo green fluo, mix with flat yellow to give more light, finish shine with future.

I'm happy with final result

I start with Liquitex florescent green then slowly add Liquitex fluorescent yellow to add some highlight. The highlight makes the blood look more natural as a posed to simply painting on one Color.

I basecoated the bloodied areas with Liquitex Hooker's Green and then I used different shades of DeltaCeramcoat, something like Lime Sorbet and Apple green or something or other, and I mixed in some high gloss acryllic gel (Golden or Liquitex are fine) so that it looked thick and had some substance to it. I then finished it off with a few coats of high gloss varnish from Games Workshop (they call it 'Ardcoat).

Hope that helps!
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