Pred Feet In The Works....


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Just as the title says some Pred feet in the works. I'll post updates as i progress or you can follow me on Facebook. Thanks for looking!









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need to get started on the other foot, hopefully tomorrow?  then this weekend going to add cement to give it some mass, then slap on the chavant!!!

sulaco1967 said:
What is your next plans for the foot...
in what sense?  once i add the cement and it cures going to slap on some chavant and get to sculpting.  will post progress pics as i go along.

your off to a great start . but it is a long race i am working on my 4th set of feet man do they take a while. keep up the posts they look great.
ThePriest said:
your off to a great start . but it is a long race i am working on my 4th set of feet man do they take a while. keep up the posts they look great.
believe me i know what you're talking about.  the Pred project is something i'm doing with what spare time i have....which is very little!

got home today from work and got help from my kids with taping up the other foot.  got the cement mixed up and poured in......i'm thinking these boots gonna weigh minimum 25-30lbs each, lol!!!





Felconer said:
This is looking incredible already, and you just started!

Keep the pics coming!
thanks!  this is my first time sculpting, so far i'm getting the hang of it.  but that clay is killing my's so hard that i need an actual knife to cut slices to make it workable.

made007 said:
It looks great, keep going

Youre using your figure as reference
I always wanted a pred figure i dont have any
Good work
thanks!  yeah that was the whole reason for buying that pred figure.   i want to make my suit as close to the real thing as i can possibly get. 

slinging that clay takes a lot of time....took me 5hrs yesterday to do all of that and still have a long way to go.  so i can only imagine how long it will take me to do the legs and torso...along with how many pounds of clay to get all of that done!?!?!?

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