Post your batman suits


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Don’t know if i showed our( teragon and me) latest build
The DOJ Vault we have build in away that it was possible to take it down quickly for transport the only thing that needs to be add is de detail on the tube inside the vault ( wasn’t there in time for the first showing)
here are the pictures:


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Suits look amazing guys! For those who have doj suits, where did you get your capes? Looking for a good one to go with my Arkham workshop suit I was lucky enough to get last year.Thanks!


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Just finished up my 3D printed cowl/helmet and gauntlets for my mixed batsuit. Wore this out for an Epilepsy 5k this last weekend in Denver.


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This is mine from a recent appearance at a friend's kid's Moana party (hence the lei).

I'd love to say I did it for the kid's benefit but to be honest it was just an excuse to wear it.


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