Post your batman suits


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Looks great. Can you tell us more about the suit?

Tnx! of course i can.

The base kit is from GCFX (really not so bad as people claim. i realliy love the pieces even if they do need some finetuning)
I am about 1.76cm tall and weight about 75kg.. just to give an idea about the proportions.

I will start from head to tow.

- Mask: i have is from a ebay user who had i lying around. origins unknown. (i also still have the new coofunkcurly mask)
- Neck: i bought the neckpiece from Tigerstone FX and had my tailor make a custom mesh collar with zipper where i glued the piece on
- Chest/Shoulders: GCFX, but i added some reinforcements foam velcro etc. to make it better.
- Cape: completly custom made by my tailor. I draw the pattern and she made it out of Velvet fabric and some shiny type fabric for the inside. it is mounted with snap-on clips and velcro.
- Undersuit: 2 piece. Top with zipper on the back and pants. Both black jersey fabric with polyester mesh sewn on top. All custom of course
- Belt: rubies toy belt wich i completly modified. Repainted reinforced.
- Boots: Gotham boots wich i had made tighter by a shoemaker to fit better.
- Gauntlets are from Makeitmike... maybe the best onces out there at the moment.
-Gloves are Airsoft gloves with CF inserts.

For more pics see my build thread.

ps. for those interested, i am thinking about selling it. PM me if your interested.


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Tangentially related: anyone have any reference for the Scarecrow's sleeve-concealed fear gas sprayer from Batman Begins?

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