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This morning I have been getting an ad banner above the RPF banner, I have a premium membership so I didn't think I should be seeing these. I have also be getting a message saying that a pop up has been blocked from the RPF, in addition when I click the response button in a thread another ad window pops up. Is it my computer or the site?
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Re: popup ads on the RPF

This is something on your computer. Your Premium membership is active and you shouldn't be seeing ads. Beyond that, we don't run pop-ups.
I am seeing tons of pop ups when I log on. The sponsor links in the center of the page seem to come alive whenever and I get tons of redirects. I have my pop up blocker on but this does not seem to work. What is going on? I do click on some of the sponsor links to support the site on a frequent basis, but I this is terrible.

Obviously I am not versed on how to resolve this. Any help would be appreciated.

I use internet explorer/ yahoo with Norton security.
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