Ads ads ads, sooo many ads!


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Now I get that the site needs some ad revenue to keep it up. And I'm not against some ads here generally speaking...

However, I can't be the only one who thinks there getting a bit ott and intrusive? At least when viewing via mobile.

It's almost as if there are more ads than there is website... You have ad banners at the top then ads placed between every other post, some of them taking up the whole screen. Then you have a bunch of ads at the bottom of the posts between last post and the reply and page select menu... And then a bunch of ads at the bottom of the page disguised as popular topic threads mixed in with real topic threads...

Isn't this all just a bit much?

Or is this a bug in the css for mobile viewing? I don't remember the desktop page being this bad
MangyDog, No one likes ads. I hate them and because I have to make sure they are running, I see them all, so I sympathize with your frustration.

However, as you pointed out, this community sustains itself on a mix of ad revenue and the generous support of many members through our Premium Membership program. Without the combined income of those two revenue streams, this community simply wouldn't exist.

There are no more ads here now than there were previously. What has changed is that the site software we use is far more mobile friendly in the past and places components of the page inline. What this does is highlight each component properly, ads included. Prior to this, the whole page was crushed on mobile, including the ads, so they were easier to ignore. That served neither you, as a member, or us as a provider.

Is it a bit much? Not if we are to sustain the community. We are always looking for new and better ways to sustain ourselves and if we reach a point at which we can eliminate ads, we'd gladly do so. Until then, I'd encourage you to consider a Premium Membership. Not to sound like an ad myself, but it less than a coffee at Starbucks and not only will you be free of the ads, the pages will load MUCH faster, especially on mobile!
Like I said, im generally ok with ads, but it just seemed like too many on the mobile page. It might be a bug in the css for mobile... And at one point I had the same ad appear right after the other.... well same ad above the reply box as the ad just bellow the reply box.

Im not even against becoming a premium member, but im unemployed with no real secure income. So every subscription i take is a real risk for me :/
These ads are insane! There has to be more then before. How can there be 7 or more ads and that be the same amount before the upgrade?

They are in between forum sections on the main page and at the top and bottom. Sometimes I get confused on where I'm at on the forum as the ads break up the uniformity of the generic white forum design.
I'll let this photo speak for itself.

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