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I'm still relatively new to this forum. Though I'm fairly young (16) I enjoy creating prop replicas from movies, comics, games, etc. (some better than others
) I haven't posted on the forum much, I'm more of a watcher who looked for interesting threads that i can draww advice or inspiration from, but this is one of those few times i have come out to ask a question. I'm a so-so Hellboy fan and the new movie coming out has me stoked, i've already made his gun (more based on the comic version like d48thronin) which turned out okay, but since i'm not feeling up to shelling out $200 to buy one of the studio replica stone arms, i thought i'd try to make one. I was looking for reference on anyone who has made it and i found the video on the conent. where they talk about the movie collectibles and at one point it's mentioned the arm replica is made out of polystone. has anyone heard of this? I'd like to get my hands on some of it if anyone knows about this stuff because according to the video it was the same material used for the stunt prop, so that should be good enough for wear and tear if i decide to wear mine. thanks in advance!



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Is Polystone not just another name for "Resin"?

The LOTR statuettes for the first 2 DVD box sets were reportedly polystone, and they were made of off-white resin unless I'm mistaken...

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Yes polystone is a resin. It's also refered to at times as cold cast resin. It's a mixture of ceramic/porcelain powder with resin. It's pretty low cost with a high compressive strength and highly resistant to warping and heat so a lot of companies use it for figures.

However I doubt highly that the stunt gloves were made of this stuff. Because regardless of how high its compressive strength is, it's still brittle to impact. Ever tried swinging around any cold-cast statues? Not a good idea.



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Cold cast doesn't sand worth a !!#&$!e either. I think the gun was cast in polystone though. That would make sense, since cold cast does produce very smooth clean castings.

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