Police academy costume


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Hello all, I've got a film costume party coming up, and Police Academy costume is what I plan on doing! I've been searching alot online recently, and not found much. I was wondering if anyone knew a website where you can buy a full costume, or the main parts to the costumes, uniform, hat, badges etc? Any help will be much appreciated!
Hy, is there anyone who has a clue what Visor Hats they have used for their Uniforms?
Any resemblance of hint would help.

Thank you
It looks like the standard LAPD dark navy long-sleeved uniform, with some patches and a blue name plate. Galls or any other police supply company should stock various LAPD style uniforms of different quality. The badge and patch may be tough to find, but they look pretty standard. Look around, someone may already be making repros.

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