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I've only just noticed this, so I may be late to the party.

Why is the format such that email address info is no longer part of our user profiles? Being limited to emails within the system--which are monitored by the admins--kind of creeps me out. Are our PM's also monitored?

Is this to prevent someone from accessing all stored emails with some kind of computer finesse and sending SPAM? If so, is there no other way to prevent such access?

Thanks. If this question is addressed in another area, I'd appreciate being pointed in that direction.
Hi there.

Good question. I think the email address field was a part of the member profiles on the old board software, and didn't seem necessary for the member profiles when we switched to Invision for two reasons.

First, based on comments from other members it seemed many were unwilling or uncomfortable to list their email publicly. Secondly, we realized a new feature (to us) on the Invision board would allow emails to be sent through the board software without the sender being able to see the email address, protecting people from spam and avoiding any other problems with public email listings.

Even though there is no "email address" field available in the member profiles anyone is always welcome to add their email address to their signature or place it in a banner if they'd like.

Emails and Private Messages sent through the board software are not normally monitored in any way by the staff and access to that information is strictly limited.
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