Plug fire cap gun replicas


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Hey everyone
Is there a site that sells pfc model gun replicas that ships to the United states or a site in the states that sells them? Every UK company I contact cannot ship them here


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I'm not aware of any company that still makes them. But I'm not ultra-knowledgeable about it, just enough to be dangerous.

Possibly Marushin, maybe Tanaka?

They were big back in the day, and MGC made tons of them, as well as serval other companies. Hudson, Tanio Koba, Marushin, etc. Most model guns of that era were PFC.

As far as US shipping goes, I've had luck in the past getting rare airsoft guns from places in HK, Dentrinity, WGC shop, there have been others, but their names escape me, now. Lots of those Hong Kong and Japanese shops who carry airsoft would likely carry PFC guns, if they're still around.


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After using PFC's since the 80's, most have moved onto front fire 9mm blanks for prop use on set when no armorer is needed (no live fire weapons). For years with the old 8mm blanks the little exhaust hole on the ejector port was a major issue being too big forcing people to either fill it and drill a new hole or tap it and use a set screw. The 9mm blanks mentioned dont have that issue. Trick is to make sure they are well oiled and then add some oil to the actual shells once loaded in the clip/mag. With PFC's we used to double the caps just to get them to work proper without jamming with continued on set use. PFC's are very expensive to use anymore due to the cost of the caps being about $1 each once all is said and done. The markup on them from country of origin is epic.


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I've bought from DEN Trinity Shop at this address, DEN Trinity Shop, in the past and never had a problem. If you look at the listings they sell both dummy guns and plug fire guns. You just have to read the descriptions carefully to figure out which is which. Even though something is listed doesn't mean they have it in stock and they don't seem to get more stock in after an item is sold out.

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