Suggestion Please resize your images folks!


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I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say, "CRIKEY MATE, YOUR IMAGES ARE MASSIVE!

More than a few times now, I've come across a single post with half a dozen images at around 8MB each! Surely we can fix this as a community.

It's about educating each other.

Uploading pictures of your works is key in prop-building, sharing WIP and finished product. I've been on some computers and phones that won't download the images at all, simply because someone uploaded them straight out of camera, (SOOC) or editing program without resizing.

There are many ways to resize images. You can do it in Photoshop, GIMP, and other photo-editing software, plus there are many free online resizers out there. You can also do it in image hosting sites like Photobucket or Imgur.

A good all-round size is around 800pixels to maybe 920pixels on the long side of your photograph and a file size of around 200kb.

Download speeds around the world vary greatly and it's nice to be considerate of those who want to follow your work, but may have very slow internet.

You want a picture that's not so huge in pixel dimensions that your followers have to scroll across the screen to view it, and small enough in file size that it downloads quickly.

Perhaps the moderators could limit the upload size on the site? I've seen many other forums do this and it works well.

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