Playing around with colour scemes


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I havent finished him yet...still got to add quills and dreads and such...but here's a couple of pics of my latest paintup.
I havent played around with the spot pattern much....just concentrating on practising different colour scemes at the mo...thought i'd try a red one to see what it would look like.

Edit: sorry...I have deleted the pics to make room for the updated ones

It's hard to get a good pic of the colours..even with the flash lol
Thanks for looking
Cheers fellas.....I have nearly finished him.....I just got to make some more dread rings for him and sort his bio out.....but I'll take some pics tommorrow and update the thread
Thanks again
Here's the udated pics....I still have to make some more dread rings for him and paint his bio....but i'm still undecided which colour to do his bio....and for the next couple of weeks I am working in London...with a few projects on the go at the moment...he is not a priority so I dont know when I will get a chance.
so here's the pics of him so far...

Thanks again folks
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