Pitchforknumb's 2015 March-May Sculpture Contest Entry


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Hello all. Unfortunately I had two projects pop up that had to take priority over Mr. Wink. I hope to get back and finish him some day, but for the contest I will be changing it to the zombie I sculpted for one of my projects. Here are some beginning sculpt pictures. I sculpted on a David Mosher half bust, and used Chavant NSP Hard for the clay.
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I just saw HB2 and considered this as a subject... I really love him! :) Good luck with your sculpt. I can't wait to see him.


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Thanks guys. Did you watch the behind the scenes of HB2 where you see them sculpting the suit and the head piece Cadeus? I always thought he was a digital creature. It took me a long while to believe that was actually a guy in a suit. Crazy stuff. Anyway, I hope to be able to finish blocking out the rest of the body today. I think the mechanical arm is really going to take a long long long long time.

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Having his hand out would be cool!

Dynamic poses are always super interesting. Making good progress, can't wait to see how it turns out!


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And here are the finished pictures. I will be molding this and casting in foam latex. This is my first venture into the magesticness of foam latex. I'm excited to finally get to try it out. Thanks for looking, and good luck to everyone else the entered the competition.
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Nice grizzly details, and skin texture. This is going to look sweet, all painted up!


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Thanks Sinned. This was the least bored I've ever been with texturing. Hopefully I can pull of a realistic paint job on the foam latex. I'm used to silicone painting.


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Hey guys. Here are some pictures of the quick mold I made yesterday. I decided to just do a block mold since I have a crap load of Repro 1 that I had to use before it went bad.
20150507_172838.jpg 20150507_172846.jpg 20150507_173547.jpg 20150507_181418.jpg

I was able to demold it this morning. The core came out really easily which I was happy with. Now I get to have all the fun of cleaning out the clay. Yay. :(

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