Pip boy 2000


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Pipboy 2000. I decided to do it for a long time, but it turned out to finish just now. Thanks for the model to the very talented guys from the Molten Clouds team working on The Way of Chosen project - Fallout 2 on the engine of Fallout New Vegas (https://vk.com/moltenclouds). And let them forgive me, but I changed the model a little in my own way, because I was in a hurry to finish it to ComicCon Russia 2018 for the costume of my daughter. At work here, 3D printing, milling, PVC plastic, casting, ready-made parts from different devices and molding with epoxy.

PS: (I can't catch the focus on the screen, because I'm a bad photographer)))))

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Very nice work my friend, I love the weathering, makes it look "well used", again, nice job.....
Molten Clouds seriously made one of the best pip boys in the series. I wish they put the model as a stand alone mod after their whole mod comes out. Its so damn good.