Phantom of The Paradise Winslow


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I love the character design of Winslow from The Phantom of The Paradise. I decided that I would start putting together a costume for next Halloween or to put on a mannequin in my theatre.

I’m starting with the “voice box”. The box is a LMB Heeger CO3. However it is not even listed on their site and it appears you may not even be able to order from the site as all of the pictures are missing.

Lucky I found one in good condition after searching on ‘ol eBay!


More to come!
Looking forward to what you come up with!

This Classic movie introduced me to a actor who I have enjoyed all of his many and varied roles, Gerrit Graham

SWAN!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I decided on these teeth or this grill. Are these still a thing? Do kids still calls these grillz? I’m not hip anymore.


I’m having trouble sourcing a helmet. My plan was to 3D print it but the ONE file available is not very accurate.
I printed out a 9v battery holder and bought the buttons for the top of the voice box


I also started printing the most icon piece, the helmet! I actually bought a 3D printer just for this helmet…but I’m using it for other stuff!

Did you end up finding a good file for the helmet? That’s definitely something I’d want to make for my collection too haha
Yes I bought a file but my only complaint is the beak MAY be a little short. But we will see how it turns out. There aren't very many options out there.

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