Paragon FX Jurassic Park Brochures


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Many moons ago, I purchased a couple JP brochures from an RPF run. Years later, I regretted not buying more to fill out a desktop brochure holder. Then, Paragon released their version and I scooped some up. I also thought it would be fun to compare the two and look for differences. They arrived today. Was that previous RPF run done by Rylo? I ask because that previous run and the Paragon version are almost identical. Now, if they both had access to a screen-used brochure, I guess that's understandable. The only difference I've seen so far is Paragon's has superior folding and trimming. Alignments are also better on the first spread when you open it. Nicely done. I'm very pleased.

Now to get to Staples and buy my brochure holder.
I do know that Rylo used to make them because I got one from him when I purchased a Cryo Can from him years ago. So it is possible he did the run you are talking about.

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