painting up my Ridemakerz shell for my son's Bday(need some advise)

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by BikerScout1599, Jan 31, 2012.

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    So my soon to be 4 year old really likes Disney's Cars and of course Mcqueen is his favorite. I so I got the idea I am going to paint up my Ridemakerz shell to look like Mcqueen. So I am going from

    to this.

    I already orderd a few parts I am going to need. New tires and such. So all I will have to worry about is the paint job. I just have to find a metal flake red (shouldnt be to hard) I also to figure out how I am going to do the eyes. (hand pant or mabey get some thick card stock and some some and glue them on. (thoughts would be great) the only thing I am really scratching my head on is how to fill in the lines around the hood and where the doors are to make it smooth. I dont want to open a brand new can of Bondo for such a small project. The shell also has some pretty good scratches from the car flipping over while being played with. Any thoughts or suggestions would be awsome..
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    I'm pretty sure I they already sell that CARS painted already. :$
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    @ tek2graphics: You're probably right, Mate but I imagine this is more about a loving father doing something special for his Boy..:)

    Hi BikerScout1599...

    I would use the fine modeller's finishing putty. It's designed for the little imperfections and it really isn't expensive. Failing that, because I always work to a budget, I would just use a premixed, tub of flexible filler and sand it out with P600 wet and dry, but just dry sand it. Either way, with the best will in the world, at four years old, he's either going to play with it until it looks like crap or he will not play with it and chuck it in his toybox and it will still end up chipped and scuffed and.......well.....looking like crap :lol

    You'd be amazed just how good premixed drywall fillers are for projects like this. TRUST ME!!! I use it all the time and the results are astounding!!!
    Cool project though...

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