Overwatch: Reaper mask


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Hi! It's been a while. A friend of mine commissioned this mask for the new Blizzard game Overwatch. I'm actually hyped for the game myself, so this would be a good excuse for me to start on this mask.


I started out with pepakura and gave it a coat of epoxy resin after making sure the mask fits like it should (and it fits like a glove, luckily). Also sorry for the image, I can't seem to get it straight.


First, we want to start out with the skull (I'm saying we, as I'm working together with the commissioner because he wants to learn how to do this process) and sand it smooth. Next up are the brows and we'll work our way down from there.

This is a work in progress right now, but I will try to keep this thread updated. I'm actually very confident this mask will be done quickly and will turn out great! I'm also thinking about making a mold to make more copies, as I know more people would probably like one :D

As always, I appreciate all feedback and all forms of criticism (as long as you guys are nice about it XD).
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This looks awesome!
I was thinking about making a reaper cosplay and I was wondering if I would be able to get this pepakura file from you?
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