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I was very fortunate a couple weeks ago to see the AMAZING Star Wars exhibit in Dassow, Germany - OUTPOST ONE.

To witness the INCREDIBLE, amazing work of many, many artists, especially the GIANT 1/6 scale Models built by RPF's own Graham (GEEK1138) of the Millennium Falcon and Slave One, the 5'r Falcon, the GIANT Star Destroyer and many more was frankly overwhelming. This place is Star Wars model builder Nirvana!! The work that the incredible folks at Outpost One have put into this wonderful 'museum', and the constant ongoing words is truly something special and out of this world. The attention to detail, accuracy and storytelling is top notch.
If you aren't familiar with it, here's a few highlights. (SPOILERS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE "TOUR" IS LIKE)

I started off with a 'tour' of the 1/6 Scale 'sets'. You walk through an awesome Mos Eisley themed room where your ticket opens up the gates to this experience. You find yourself in an awesome corridor that displays numerous Studio Scale filming replicas in a Death Star themed environment (Xwing, Ywing, Ties, Falcon, Star Destroyer, Slave One, A wing, B wing, landspeeder, snowspeeder, Blockade Runner, SandCrawler) - and you're already feeling Giddy!!
Then you Step into Docking Bay 94 with the HUGE Millenium Falcon!! Wow Graham - WOW! Then you proceed into the 1/6 scale Mos Eisley - where you are immersed in all kinds of 1/6 scale goodness, including looking into the Cantina with all kinds of little easter eggs!
After that, it's on to a HUGE Star Destroyer, a 1/6 Xwing in the Dagobah swamp - and you think life doesn't get any better.
But wait, that's just the BEGINNING....
Next is the "FULL SCALE" Hangar!!! Yup - you are treated to 1:1 scale Tie Interceptor (got to sit in the 'real cockpit'!!!), Tie Fighter, and a X-wing!! Unbelievable, and you feel like your in a real docking bay!! They also have a few cockpit setups of the X-wing (got to sit in one!) and Tie - there's some neat things coming up from Outpost One with those!!

So, just when you say "It doesn't get any better than this!", you move on to the "FULL SCALE" sets/replicas. You are ovewhelmed and feel 10 years old again when you enter right into Princess Leia's Blockade Runner corridor, and are greeted by Vader and his troopers! WOW. Then you go down the hall way, and there she is! Leia is delivering the plans to R2 in the escape corridor.

You next find yourself on Tatooine - with life size Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Droids, Luke, the Homestead, Dewbacks, a BANTHA! We're living the story!!! You then find yourself inside the Deathstar with an INCREDIBLE, LIFELIKE Ben Kenobi and Grand Moff Tarkin - and of Course Vader is standing right there with more StormTroopers!!! They even let you stand at one of the Imperial Control panels, put on an Imperial Helmet, and get a picture! Leia is in her prison cell with the interrogation droid! No way, there's the Trash Compactor with Han, Chewie and the One Eyed Monster!!!! So good. We walk into the "Storage Room" with 3PO!

You then find yourself entering into the Hoth Rebel base, where a HUGE lifesize Probe Droid wants taunts you, then a Wampa approaching Luke hanging from the ceiling. Followed by the Hoth medical bay, a full size Snow Speeder, Han on Tauntaun, and Han and Leia about to escape to the Falcon and wait - there's Vader and his Snowtroopers above about to Shoot you! And you start going weak in the knees, as you can't believe again your childhood dreams are coming true!!!
So, you walk right onto a Star Destroyer, and Vader is having a little chat with ALL the original, life size Bounty Hunters!!! There's a HUGE X-1 Tie right behind you and two life size imperial pilots looking to report you! Next we find ourselves on Dagobah - and I sat down and had a little chat with our friend Yoda - outside is VERY AMAZING modeled home with an authentic interior light/fire flickering, and poor R2 looking on.

We then find ourselves walking through Cloud City, Lando looks concerned, Luke is entering an amazing lighted corridor, and there's some Ugnaughts watching it all go down. An incredibly painted mural of cloud city greets you as you go down stairs - Yes, there's more!.

You arrive into Jabbas Palace, with R2 and 3PO at the big door (So Real!!), then a big Rancor head is coming out of the shadows, an incredibly lifelike Luke in black is nearby with his saber, then you see Chewie, Leia Bounty Hunter and HAN IN CARBONITE - We have arrived!

Ohh, crap - there's Boba Fett!! If you stare long enough, he's so real, it seems as if he may have moved! Then we find Jabba on his throne, with an Awesome Oola, Salacious Crumb and 3P0 - even the little 'frog tank'! Next room - the interrogation droid room - so good, so real! A Gamorrean Guard, Lando in disguise!! A giant palace room with MORE displays! This is AMAZING...

We then find ourselves on Admiral Ackbars ship, he's there!! Looks so real! There are incredible rooms showing 3PO with Ewoks in the Jungle, and Han at the bunker! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! OUTPOST ONE Just gave us a REAL, LIFE SIZE EXPERIENCE into the original Saga that we've always wanted!! THANK YOU!!

The tour ends with a walk down an incredible corridor filled with TONS of Movie Props, Helmets, Blasters, and lots of little behind the scene detail stuff. This is an AMAZING Collection of it's own!!

AND - just when you thought it was over, as you are leaving, you walk into the Emperors throne room with him and Vader!! And you are even more happy - but then, ONE MORE DOOR - and there he is - Mando and Grogu surrounded by what really looks like you are on the set!!!

Sorry for the long story (the excitement has not worn off) - but, this was just the BEST Star Wars Experience EVER. I've been to Galaxy's Edge - and it's Fun - but you just don't get the IMMERSIVE experience OUTPOST ONE gives you - this is a Fans Dream Come true - and I feel very lucky and fortunate to have experienced it!! Go sometime if you can!!!

So here's a few highlight pics (Sorry for all the selfies - couldn't miss it) - if you really want to see more pictures than anyone really needs to, my photo roll is here:

Outpost One - Sean's Pics

Graham's (GEEK1138) 5'r!


His 1/6 Scale Falcon - Yeah, it's HUGE!!!!


Graham's Slave One amongst the INCREDIBLE scratch built Mos Eisley with 1/6 figures!


More Thumbnails below... THANKS for allowing me to share - it is so wonderful to see the amazing works of our fellow artists and passionate fans!
IMG_4330.JPEG IMG_4333.JPEG IMG_4360.JPEG IMG_4593.JPG IMG_4597.JPG IMG_4598.JPG IMG_4600.JPG IMG_4601.JPG IMG_4601.JPG IMG_4606.JPG IMG_4607.JPG IMG_4608.JPG IMG_4068.JPEG


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Thanks for the tour. More than likely few of us would travel there to see the museum, so it is great to see it though your photos. But I think it would be better to see it with our own eyes.



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Very awesome. And having watched a lot of that being built here within the model section, its nice to see their final home all together.
I can imagine pictures like this do not do any type of justice from actually being there.


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Fantastic to see GEEK1138 wonderful workmanship in situ. TFS with us this wonderful experience with pics:cool::cool:(y)(y):love::love:


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Thanks for the virtual tour Sean! What an amazing place and it's so neat that you got to have that experience. Sounds like a great team of really nice and dedicated people there and it is indeed nice to see more of GEEK1138's work in context. I hope to be able to see it someday!


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